To make a textField a hyperlink to an external URL, you need to add the attribute hyperlinkType=”Reference” to the element, and add a. The following parameters set the behavior for hyperlinks for JasperReports A hyperlink enables users to browse to a URL, view another report, or invoke a. Use custom hyperlink handler with a Dashboard in JasperReports Server Used jasper server version: Problem Statement: Add hyperlink.

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Hyperlink Types Jaspersoft Studio provides six types of built-in hypertext links: Reference – the current hyperlink points to an external resource. To be used as bookmarks, anchors should have an indentation level set. Adding images to a report. In it instead of passing hyperlink url we set constant value in hyperlink type as shown below: Going further, any of the writeReportToXml For some reasons, the example given didn’t work.

Running the Sample Running hyoerlink sample requires the Apache Ant library. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Products Solutions Services Resources. Adding geometrical shapes to a report. Configuring Hyperlink Parameters So, in general a hyperlink is defined by a type, one or more expressions in case of Reference, just the Reference Expression that contains the URL to invoke jaspereports, and zero or more parameters, depending by the type in a regular Jaspersoft Studio installation, only the type ReportExecution does actually accept parameters.

Where to get help. Save dashboard and follow above step 5 and step 6.

In this case, it is necessary to specify the page number you are pointing to by means of a hyperlink page expression the expression has to return an Integer object RemoteAnchor If you want to point to a particular anchor that resides in an external document, you use the RemoteAnchor link. Once obtained such an in-memory object, its structure can be read and transformed into a JRXML representation with the help of JasperCompileManager facade class, which comes with different public static methods for both compiling report templates and extracting the JRXML representation from in-memory report template objects.


Hyperlink with ReportExecution | Jaspersoft Community

Graphical Report Design with iReport. In order to handle page backgrounds, there is a special section in JasperReports that is rendered on all pages and its content cannot overflow to hypelrink next page. LocalPage – the current hyperlink points to a one-based page index within the current document. Jasprrreports you sure you would like to use one of your credits tokens to purchase this title? Note that a particular text field or image can be both anchor and hyperlink at the same time.

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Integrating JasperReports with Spring. Setting a report’s background. Using the Background Section Example Below is an example of how to embed an image into document’s page background.

The anchor will bear the name returned after evaluation of the anchor name expression, which should always return java.

As mentioned above in expected output we created one dashboard having two dashlets. Jasperrepirts Expressions Depending on the standard hyperlink type specified, one or two of the following expressions are evaluated and used to build the reference to which the hyperlink element will point: Opens the target in a new window. Hyperlink Target All hyperlink elements, like text fields, images, and charts, also expose an attribute called hyperlinkTarget.


If no target producer is found, the engine looks for any hyperlink parameter having the same name as the specified custom target. Is it that there is simply no text at all visible or are the links just not working? How to use hyperlinks and anchors for text elements and image elements. Herewe used charts-pro pie chart in dashboard for custom hyperlinkthe functionality is same just little bit of chart data configuration is different in charts-pro.

If so, could you post a jrxml example file where this problem occurs? All other page elements are displayed on top of the background elements. To do this, set a positive integer value for the bookmarkLevel attribute available for all hyperlink elements in JasperReports.

The hyperlink type ReportExecution is one of these custom hyperlink extensions. LocalPage If instead of pointing to an anchor you jasperrepotts to point to a specific current report page, you need to create a LocalPage link.

jasper reports – Create an external URL hyperlink with JasperReports – Stack Overflow

Are the links coming out correctly when you execute the report from ireports? How to use hyperlinks and anchors for text elements and image elements. If you want to point to a particular anchor that resides in an external document, you use the RemoteAnchor link. Sign up using Facebook.