Brand New JBL H Aftermarket Recone Kit 8 ohm. Used to repair A, H, A-1 & A-3 Speakers. Parts specifications: Cone: 12″ JBL Brand New JBL H Aftermarket Recone Kit 8 ohm. Used to repair A, H, A-1 & A-3 Speakers. This is a Speaker Exchange original. I’m looking for a pair of the JBL 12′ woofers with the white cone, I think H version (preferred) is still available direct from JBL, $

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Great replacement for the C8R kit that has been discontinued. Questions about how to repair? Recone kit parts are subject to availability. Some parts will require day lead time. Specific parts and specs are subject to change.

Replacement parts will match as closely as possible. Compare your parts to the specs listed! If you receive your parts and discover that changes are needed there will be additional charges for parts and shipping.


JBL Kits: Our Kits are Pre-Assembled Drop-in Kits :: JBL-2213H-8-Ohm-Recone-Kit

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Log in Remember me. The product jbll already in the wishlist! JBLAfter Market. Paper no lip, 3. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Questions and answers of the customers Q Congratulations for your effort, its really hard restoring with original parts. How these kits compare with those mexicans sold on ebay or the japanese ones? I have both, the mexican in terrible, did not even fit.

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The japanese sems correct on dimensions but have a lighter cone. A JBL no longer supplies this recone kit. I have not seen any Japanese recone kits so I cannot compare. This is the only option that I know of with a cone finish similar to the original. Q Is this kit just for one speaker or for a pair?

A Recone kits are sold individually. This listing is for one recone kit. Show all 3 questions with answers.