Psychosemantics: The Problem of Meaning in the Philosophy of Mind ( Explorations in Cognitive Science) [Jerry A. Fodor] on *FREE* shipping on. FODOR’S PSYCHOSEMANTICS Jerry Fodor. Psychosemantics: The Problem of Meaning in the Philosophy ofMind. Cambridge, MA, MIT Press,. very long manuscript called “Psychosemantics,” and a somewhat shorter one called Reply to Jerry Fodor’s IIndividualism and Supervenience.’ ” Paper.

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Request removal from index. Sure, at some level it also increases fitness but that sort of misses the causal point: Is it produced by a dedicated circuit, or parasitic on psychosmeantics general pattern recognition machinery? My jerryy mentioned, in addition to arguing for 1 and 2, develops a detailed alternative. However, I have a concern about the lack of clear implications for psycho semantics of a theory of rat psychosemabtics. It can only produce a correspondence to a specific kind of fitness enhancer, namely symmetrical ones.

Paul Smolensky – – Behavioral and Brain Sciences 11 1: I should have been clearer about that. The discoveries of the place cell, the receptive field, dopaminergic reward-predicting neurons, and so on are obviously hugely important achievements.

Information is necessary, not sufficient, for semantic content.

With a careful lsychosemantics of what this function is one can avoid the implausible consequence that this representation means reproductive fitness. This is evident when we consider our own, human, representational states.

In my view an adequate theory must address both issues of input causality and of output causality behavioral dispositions and the like. The latter reflects light similarly to how a detached rabbit liver does. Hi Ken — Sorry for the delayed reply; I was away camping.


I take it something up-stream like inferential role does the disambiguating.

That book will be out next year. Indeed, it is only in virtue of such relations that they are hooked up to the environment and to behavior at all. And perhaps you can make the case that spatial geometry is what matters to some consumer.

Jerry A. Fodor, Psychosemantics: The Problem of Meaning in the Philosophy of Mind – PhilPapers

Maybe you should have a fight with Dan about that. And I also share your doubts that lack of complete success adds up to complete failure. Less analyzing, more hypothesizing. If Fodor or Dretsky were to learn that their theory delivers determinate content assignments only for states of the rat or the c.

One point in which one can be subtler than TTT is is in specifying what counts as the relevant consumer. On the hypothesis that there is an indexing system that tracks individual objects. But this is how our concepts can go beyond the representational capacities of our visual systems — supposing, for the sake of argument, that teleosemantics dictates our perceptual colour representations are supposed to track fruit.

I have heard this from people in Maryland and Cincinnati, as well. There are many different issues that people raise about intentionality. Now, we believe that the content is the non-disjunctive one, but is that present in the experience itself?

My understanding of jwrry Ecological Psychologists is that they sometimes differ among themselves as to what is or is not an affordance. Thanks for the response, Dan!


Psychosemantics Quotes by Jerry A. Fodor

Functional overlap is very common biologically. Or am I completely missing the point here? Maybe I was the one psychosemantis suggested this was something of a consensus view. Reproductive fitness is what the consumer needs.

What the magnetosome represents then is univocal; it represents only the direction of oxygen-free water.

Also, it seems to me hard to explain rat behavior without supposing that rats wonder whether p. For that is the only thing that corresponds by a compositional rule to it, the absence of which would matter-the absence of which would disrupt the function of those mechanisms which rely on the magnetosome for guidance.

Meaning and the World Order.

Was Psychosemantics a Failure?

I think van Gulick toyed with this idea. Moving black ball is as much a whole object as is a fly, right? And, osychosemantics far as I can tell, there have not been any major moves since The only way to make progress that I know of involves making really strong, arguably non-naturalistic, assumptions about the kinds of properties that can enter into content-making relations.

Anyway, I think you give an uncharitable interpretation of what I would put in premise 1. Phototransducers increase fitness because they convert light into voltage fluctuations.