Nagano, in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, is located at the basin of the Chikuma-gawa River that runs through the Zenko-ji-daira Plateau. It developed. Host of the Winter Olympics, Nagano is an outdoor sports mecca particularly famous for skiing and snowboarding. Often called the “roof of Japan,” it boasts. The rugged and forested Kiso Valley in southwestern Nagano is a fascinating step back in time. The area is home to the best-preserved section of the old.

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With years of history and still going strong, Kiso lacquer production shows no signs of slowing down.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Japan

Used for kimono, the textile patterns include stripes, checks and splashes. Nagano Hokusaikan Museum Nagano-ken. Host city of the Winter Olympics.

Come to Nagano for world-class outdoor sports, and stay for townscapes from the samurai era, vibrant festivals and abundant hot nagani. Planning a Trip to Japan? Kiso’s largest town is a relaxed community on the Kiso River. Legend says this haughty range caught the ire of the Konohanasakuya-hime, the goddess of Mt.

Not the instant stuff served in Styrofoam cups, but the fresh noodles served in a bowl of rich soup stock topped with…. Nozawana-zuke Pickled mustard leaf that is often eaten with a little soy sauce and sometimes chili, Nozawana-zuke jntk particularly famous where it originated, in the hot spring town of Nozawa. The neighboring Matsumoto City Alps Park has popular field athletic facilities, as well as the meter-long Dream Coaster.


It’s a popular area for hiking and trekking, rivaled only by the Nagano Alps. Please Confirm Your Location We use location data to provide you with accurate tourism info.

Starting your trip at the post town of Magome in Gifu Prefecture is also an option, combined with a walk on the Nakasendo to Tsumago in Nagano.

Not the instant stuff served in Styrofoam cups, but the fresh nagsno served in a bowl of rich soup stock topped with….

Nagano Tenryukyo Valley Nagano-ken. Planning a Trip to Japan? Cancel Search routes by area Search a different route.

Much like Niigata to the north, Nagano has built a reputation for brewing highly drinkable sake that can be delicate, complex and fruity. Finding them is said to be a fast track to enlightenment.

Be sure to sample some Shinshu apple juice, which is available in many souvenir shops. Suwa is easily accessible from both Tokyo and the greater Nagano area by train. Trending Attractions in Nagano. Nagano wasabi is among the best, and eaten with many more dishes than just sushi. The Matsumoto City Hakari-kan is a former warehouse of the Tanaka family, a weights and measures shop that was established in that now serves as a museum exhibiting a collection of measuring tools.

Suwa’s Onbashira Festival takes place every six years in the spring, with the next event in Winter Skiers and snowboarders descend on Nagano from around Japan and across the globe. Ontake to the west.

Nagano | Japan Travel | JNTO

The view of the Northern Alps naagno the park is beautiful, and it is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot in spring. Nagano Togakure Ninja Museum Nagano-ken. You can even try out your shuriken-throwing skills at their target range.


Nozawa Onsen is a small hot spring village with its very own large-scale ski and snowboard resort and is a favorite for many due to its charming village atmosphere. Resorts are found throughout the Nagano mountains, but the biggest resort areas are Hakuba, Shiga Kogen and Nozawa Onsen. Zenkoji Temple is a National Treasure and an important pilgrimage site. This is especially true of Magome and Tsumagotwo iconic post towns with old wooden streetscapes at the southern entrance to the Kiso Valley.

Japan National Tourism Organization | Find a Location | Nagano | Matsumoto

This area is also known for its superb powder snow throughout most of the season. Jbto a bagano of the arrival train station and areas surrounding sightseeing spots. How to Get There. The Kiso Valley has a seemingly endless flow of incredibly pure water. Many climbers also visit these mountains in winter for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing. Omine Castle to the northeast of town en route to Togakushi originally dates from the s.

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The wooden products you find for sale around Kiso are made from top quality hinoki cypress, which was prized by emperors and will last for centuries. By simply selecting the arrival nagao and major train stations around Japan, find routes to stations nearest your destination. Streets in the center are laid with blocks of chestnut wood for slow strolls.