Jo Freeman’s seminal essay “The Tyranny of Structurelessness” put a name to the persistent problem that plagues decision makers in non-hierarchical . Title: The Tyranny of Structurelessness. Series: General and According to Jo Freeman, “This piece spread all over the world. Numerous people have edited. Structurelessness Jillian Báez WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly, Volume 41, Numbers 3 & 4, Fall/Winter , pp. (Article) Published by The.

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Many of the DREAM activists identify as queer and seek not only immigrant rights but also social structurslessness at the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Letting people assume jobs or tasks only by default means they are not dependably done. Much of the energy of past women’s movements has been directed to fgeeman the structures of decision-making and the selection processes formalized so that the exclusion of women could be confronted directly.

The Tyranny Of Structurelessness

A Journal of Desire ArmedJason McQuinn noted its popularity among leftist and platformist anarchists, describing the essay as an “incomprehensibly unreal and illogical stab at sociology by a paranoid schizophrenic”. Dec 18, Steven rated it it was amazing.

Members’ skills can structureleasness equitably available only when members are willing to teach what they know to others. I think pretty much everyone in the world should read this essay before getting involved struturelessness any kind of far left political organisation, and I think many people already in a variety of organisations will recognise themselves in it. This is simply never the case. So if one works full time or has a similar major commitment, it is usually impossible to join simply because there are not enough hours left to go to all the meetings and cultivate the personal relationship necessary to have a voice in the decision-making.

She argues there is no such thing as a structureless group, and that structurelessness tends to be invoked to cover up or obscure — and cannot eliminate — the role, nature, ownership and use of power within a group.


Views Read Edit View history. Infighting and personal power games rule the day. Those who disagree with us structurelexsness labelled trolls. Remember me on this computer.

However, as any anarchist knows, libertarian organizations can and have accomplished everything necessary for individuals and communities to live in free, egalitarian, convivial societies — both long-term in hunting and gathering communities and more transitorily in modern revolutionary periods.

The other side of the coin would be identifying ‘design patterns’ for creating succesful effective egalitarian and non-hieararchical groups — which is definitely something possible to do.

Obviously, in the sense of participation in the formal, statist political system this is going to be true. They will not be in such an easy position to institutionalize their power because ultimate decisions will be made by frdeman group at large. This means those who sgructurelessness with the elite or just the group in general can create an alternative structure or strike up a new conversation. Despite being almost 50 years old and from a different country, this essay speaks with almost terrifying accuracy to my experience and that of many others organising in various groups in the Auckland left up until about a year ago.

A Review of The “Tyranny of Structurelessness”: An organizationalist repudiation of anarchism

No trivia or quizzes yet. Some anarchists have objected to Freeman’s analysis because it also has frreman applied to some anarchist organizing. As long as the only way women can participate in the movement is through membership in a small structyrelessness, the nongregarious are at a distinct disadvantage. Since at leastimmigrant rights activists have engaged in demonstrations that are organized both on- and offline in WSQ: It’s humbling and a bit embarrassing to see how many of the pitfalls frefman me and my comrades have encountered were already debunked here so long ago, especially because “unstructured” organisations tend to so often take on the air of doing something progressive and new.

In order to create spaces online that ensure access and social justice, we need more transparency about who is involved in all aspects of organizing and what kinds of activ- ists gain visibility.


Give it a try and send us your feedback! Again, authority does not have to be derived democratically, but it should be as transparent as possible. Structurleessness specifically focuses her Kafkaesque critique on four problems. She also participated in the civil rights movement and the rebirth of the feminist movement, but again, never as any kind of radical libertarian. While engaging in this trial-and-error process, there are some principles we can keep in mind that are essential to democratic structuring and are also politically effective: Yvonne Hsieh rated it really liked it Nov 12, Freely Associated rated it it was amazing Jul 28, The former are the criteria one usually uses in determining one’s friends.

The Tyranny of Stuctureless

mo The video went viral with 78, views on YouTube as of April 26, and eventually was covered in national news outlets. Rik rated it liked it Jan 14, This prevents monopoly of power and requires those in positions of authority to consult with many others in the process of exercising it. Did you know that you can jump into our experimental visualization interface right from this point?

As we uo know, these efforts have not prevented the informal male-only networks from discriminating against women, but they have made it more difficult. Also, to function well the groups must usually pare themselves down to that informal group of friends who were running things in the first place.

Raimo Radczewski rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Thus no one is indispensable. It was written up for Notes from the Third Yearbut the editors did not use it.