The first posts using John Titor’s military symbol appeared on the Time Travel Not all refer to the original dates posted. Would you believe it? Fifteen years ago, on March 24, , the individual posting as John Titor left his final message on the Post2Post Art Bell. If you’d like to read Titor’s original posts, has them available on their website (here’s another version with better formatting).

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Also John and I have talked and anybody who wants to forward anything to John can do so through my email address and I will make sure that John recieves it. One of the biggest reasons why food production is localized is because the environment is affected with disease and radiation. Michael Marcum Expand Collapse. We see a young women inviting him to a romantic evening. I can understand the ethics at hand here quite well. I wonder if Einstein and Grossmann did it this way or maybe they just listened to each other and tried to build on what they thought would work.

Depending on whether or not you are going forward or backward, the footprint of the unit is different. Were biological or chemical weapons used in the war?

If you speak to me anymore, I will probably discredit your claims of being a time traveler. As the war in Europe rages on, Japan fails to join the axis power, there is no war in the Pacific and the United States remains neutral. I have no intention of teasing anyone but I do grow tired of the same cycle over and over again.


Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 2 – Paranoia Magazine

I am not a physicist so I cannot answer that to your level of sophistication. When I look up debunk, I see: I look forward to your response…. I remember very clearly.

Why are you so interested in the Constitution? I have no way to prosper from knowing whether GW makes it through his presidency, I just thought it would be a good question.

The average temperature worldwide is a bit cooler. The posts discussed time travel in general, the first one being the “six parts” description of what a time machine would need to have to work see below and responses to questions about how such a machine would work.

Could you explain origibal theory about worldlines?

John Titor

Millions of people go to see psychics and fortune tellers, not because they believe they are seers and everything they say is true, but because they are curious.

I have not heard of any governing declaration of use for TT devices from the future.

When I was thirteen I used to worry about which shotgun slug would take a door handle off and whether or not I had any dry socks. There will be a lot of little weapons that will miss their targets.

Original John Titor Posts (Post2Post Art Bell Forum) – Part 2

I get home by going back to before I arrived and then going forward to For a while, I thought that was the goal here too but it appears that anger and conflict is being created on this site to cause genuine harm and pain. There are also no income taxes.


It grew by millions prior to the elections — mainly due to direct attacks on the right to keep and bear arms. What is the temperature around the time machine during operation? Could anyone ever really travel through time?

In short, even if John is fake — his possibile future is accurate titkr us, even now. The Earth would then become part of the black hole as it grew in size, pulling in the matter of the Earth. If the Egyptians knew the Red Sea was going to drown them, do you think they would have pursued Moses?

The Titor Posts | Conviction of A Time Traveler

However if it is true you are just a geek tell the members so. Well it was fun while it lasted. Most of our neighbors make a living off the sea or in moving cargo by boat. Thank you Vega for the information.