Ariel: José Enrique Rodó: considered to be his masterpiece, Ariel (), Rodó set forth his moral credo. Concerned with patterns of human life and with both. Ariel. By José Enrique Rodó. Translation, reader’s reference, and annotated bibliography by Margaret Sayers Peden; foreword by James W. Symington;. Ariel has ratings and 16 reviews. Dusty said: I picked up this English translation of José Enrique Rodó’s admired and detested essay at Goodwill. No,.. .

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In either case, Latin Americans were ready for the infusion of pride, optimism and vision Rodo provided. Rodo made his plea for Latin American idealism and spiritualism so fervently because he considered them to be under sustained attack, primarily from the forces of utilitarianism, materialism and democracy. Very interesting essay on whole man and the place of arts in education.

Ariel belongs to the movement wriel as modernismocharacterized by its elegance, artistic prose, and worldly references and allusions.

For Rodo, the most fundamental of classical values was “the sense of the beautiful,” which he regarded as the indispensable precursor of the ability to distinguish good from evil. Art is then a form of learning that finds and enriches the spirit and negates utilitarianism. Ina young Uruguayan teacher and literary critic aroused readers from Mexico to Argentina with a small book proposing a enrque of cultural development for Latin America. Oct 13, David Renderos rated it it was ok.

Nice work; way to catch the creep. Dominating the room is a bronze statue of Ariel, rrodo unfolded and poised for flight. Just thought you might like to know about this.

Apr 28, Drew Maher rated it liked it. A criticism of North American culture and ethos from one of the most influential thinkers of Latin America. Nevertheless, he has this against the USA: At that time he saw the achievements of western civilization threatened in his country by the rodp materialism emanating from the United States.


With the present English translation, it has now reached its 16th arie. The title of Rodo’s essay comes from Shakespeare’s, “The Tempest,” which features not only the “airy spirit” Ariel but two other characters who captured Rodo’s imagination, Prospero and Caliban. The ideals which raised ancient Greece to eternal memory in the consciousness of the world he finds represented in the figure of Ariel, from The Tempest. The problem with the U. Insert joke about homosexual panic here. Algo para destacar de su ensayo Ariel, es la belleza y delicadeza de su escritura, ese modernismo latente en su pluma, donde se ve claramente reflejada esa influencia de estilo francesa.

May 18, Germano rated it liked it. The specialization of jobs causes societies to become underdeveloped as opposed to evolving towards maturity. To ask other readers questions about Arielplease sign up. Return to Book Page. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An admirer of Renan, Rodo essentially elaborated the Frenchman’s formulations of Shakespeare’s characters and gave them varying degrees of emphasis.

Adrienne rated it really liked it Oct 16, And how good he is on the Puritans, and on heirs of theirs such as Ben Franklin. I emphasize his gendered language because it adds even another layer of elitism to his writing. Brian rated it liked it May 13, By continuing to use this website, you agree to their enriqud. It banishes depths of evil by proscribing heights of goodness. This site uses cookies.

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Leon Marks rated it did not like it Oct 11, Prospero continues by warning his students against falling prey to admiration of the United States. In short, the latter society would foster spirituality, morality, reflection, art, science, and other forms of high culture in a way he sees lacking in the United States. A mixed bag for sure. He died in in a hotel in Palermo, Sicily, joee working as correspondent for the Josw weekly magazine Caras y Caretas.


La idealidad de lo hermoso no apasiona al descendiente de los austeros puritanos. Ultimately, the society that he advocates for though this is clearly stated only once is one in which artistic and creative endeavors are valued and in which everyone is offered equal opportunities for success with the full knowledge that each individual will take a different path – a society that seems to me like it would be pretty alright!

It is a good book.

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In Rodo’s mind, these figures represented the major cultural forces in motion across Latin America. It exists like a provisional civilization, like the preliminaries for culture, resting in utility as in some finality.

Translated with an Introductory Essay by F. Ariel is beautiful, graceful, and noble, while Caliban is coarse and barbarous, he explains. Very quickly, “Ariel” became the subject of tireless discussion not only in print but in the numerous literacy societies that sprang up expressly to weigh its merits. Mind you, there’s some little bits of racism, and misguided biological theory, but that’s standard with essays of the time. And that is sufficient. Lists with This Book.

For him, disinterested motives are the highest: Then, however, there’s Rodo, who’s suggests a new identity for Latin America rovo on the classic cultures, instead arirl the mediocrity of the American enterprise. Compelled by their insaciable will to dominace to cultivate the energy of all human activity, they model the chest of the athlete for the heart of free men.