Keratella cochlearis cochlearis (Gosse, ) · Keratella cochlearis pachyacantha Thomasson · Keratella cochlearis polaris De Smet & Bafort K.c. cochlearis: Posterior polygons are open. on lorica length vs. body width for three Keratella species and three K. cochlearis forms, click on graph below. Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, ) (Download Help) Keratella cochlearis TSN Subspecies, Keratella cochlearis punctata Myers,

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Chengalath, R;W Koste, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bezirk Liezen Vorderer Lahngangsee Latitude: Wels Stadt Roth, swimming pond Latitude: Das Leben im Wassertropfen.

Keratella stipitata Ehrenberg, The female undergoes meiosis and produces eggs with half the usual number of chromosomes. Flachgau Egelsee Kleiner Latitude: Bezirk Gmunden Traunsee Latitude: Tecta females can produce typica offspring and vice versa.

Keratella cochlearis — Wikipédia

Bear River Refuge Latitude: Pinzgau Piesendorf, pond near Salzach River Latitude: Page last modified on: Pinzgau Lucialacke bei Niedernsill Latitude: In the winter, most individuals have a long spine at the posterior end. They are also used for locomotion.

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Flachgau Thalgau, Naturbad Latitude: Some artwork and photos belong to the indicated copyright holders and then have their own copyright statements.

Keratella robusta Lauterborn, Author s sorted ascending Filter.

Each of these is able to inseminate another of these eggs to restore the full complement of chromosomes in the offspring. Keratella stipidata Ehrenberg, Retrieved jeratella ” https: IUI Locality sorted ascending Filter.

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Whether the offspring has a posterior spine or not seems to depend on the number of predators in the body of water where the rotifer lives. Keratella longispina Imhof, Flachgau Lieferinger Badesee Latitude: Pongau Goldegger See Latitude: Any body of standing water is likely to contain rotifers and Keratella cochlearis is probably cochlwaris commonest and most widespread species in the world. Keratella cochlearis is found worldwide in marine, brackish and freshwater habitats.

Keratella cochlearis nordica Kutikova, Okres Breclav Eisgrub Ledniceartificial pool in palm house Latitude: Pongau Laitternsee, nearby large pond Latitude: Keratella cochlearis is a rotifer. Keratella cochlearis hispida Lauterborn, World Register of Marine Species. Keratella cochlearis connectens Lauterborn, Pinzgau Steiner Baggerteich, Piesendorf Latitude: Bezirk Urfahr Umgebung Roiss, swimming pond Latitude: Pinzgau Hollersbacher Badesee Latitude: Bezirk Baden Wienersdorf, Badeteich Latitude: Periodically sexual reproduction takes place.


Pongau Schlossalm, pasture pond 4 Latitude: Tennengau Voregg-Moosegg pond Bachrainer Latitude: Flachgau Autobahnsee Viehhausen Latitude: Cosmopolitan, including Antarctic region.

Hanh soum Chorchoi Nuur Latitude: