NOTE. You must enable communication through VPN in Traffic Rules before start configuring the Kerio VPN Server. For more information refer to Configuring. Manual TCP/IP configuration on the firewall host Network setup and Kerio WinRoute Firewall Deployment – This section describes basic TCP/IP configuration. 45 4 Example of Kerio VPN configuration: company with a filial office. where Kerio Control is installed (typically C:\Program Files\Kerio\WinRoute Firewall).

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These routes are created and removed dynamically upon connecting and disconnecting of VPN clients or upon creating and removing of VPN tunnels.

Other interfaces are considered as not used and added to the group Other Interfaces. Using LDAP, user accounts wniroute be managed from a single location.

In the administration interface, go to Intrusion Prevention. Traffic will not be blocked but the user will notice that the Internet connection is slower than usual.

Check Enable cache for direct access winrouye web. Enter you email address and your Samepage password. In other rules traffic between the local network and the firewall, between the firewall and the Internet, etc. Move the rule to the top of the table of traffic rules. First name written is always considered as primary so called canonical name and the other names are used as its aliases.

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In any case, do not set the value to more than 4 MB. Categorization of all pages is necessary for statistics of the categories of visited web pages.

Tutorixl enables more complex combinations of rules — e. If your provider gives you credentials for authentication, select option Parent proxy server requires authentication and type credentials. If network interfaces have been changed since the export took place for example, in case of exchange of a defective network adapter or if the configuration is imported from another computer, Kerio Control attempts to pair the imported network interfaces with the real interfaces in the appliance.

Unified Threat Management Without Complexity

Therefore, it is not recommended to create cache larger than 1 GB. If the user has not appropriate rights to view statistics, an ekrio is reported. The method described can be used in cases where no redundant routes arise by creating VPN tunnels i. In the user template, specify all the settings which will be common for all users from this domain.

If Kerio Control is used in production, we do not recommend enabling this option.

Configuring Kerio VPN Server

I often have to look at customer’s Kerio Control Firewall rules. At the bottom of the HTTP Cache tab, basic status information is provided such as the current cache size occupied and efficiency of the cache.

This can be used for example for temporary disconnection of the computer of a network segment connected to the port. Contents Installing Kerio Control.


DNS domain or subdomain must be used at both sides of the tunnel. Exported kegio does not include the Kerio Control license key.

Creating a local account: Figure 1 Proxy server configuration on browsers: Deleting users permanently 1. Remember this password or save it in a secured location and keep it from anyone else!

Kerio Control Administrator’s Guide | Mohamad Javad Sooran –

This step will create rules for connection of the VPN server as well as for communication of VPN clients with the local network through the firewall. Remote access to the statistics It is also possible to access the statistics remotely, i. Configuring the filter 1.

On tab Kerio VPNselect a valid certificate. Check Map user accounts and groups from a directory service and select Microsoft Active Directory.

Configuration Assistant

Secure VPN Link headquarters to remote users and branch offices securely and easily. If the number is invalid, the registration cannot be completed. Any user that has a user account in Kerio Control will be allowed to access the Internet after authenticating to the firewall. Destination Ksrio Internet Interfaces group. Connecting to Microsoft Active Directory 1. Repeat steps 1 — 8 for Web2 server.