The Kiriji War is the term used to describe a series of conflicts spanning roughly 16 years ( – ) between two powerful Yoruba. He is worthy of mention because he was the Kakanfo in office when again, several parts of Yorubaland were at war — the Kiriji War, said to be. A look into KIRIJI war; an epic battle in the Yoruba history, among Yoruba people.

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The British missionaries might have supported the attack on Ijebu, but James Johnson, himself an Ijebu, was passionately opposed to it.

After initial setbacks, Islam made rapid strides, especially in areas with populations originating from Oyo. I’m not an overly superstitious, religious guy, but at times I wonder. Their unpopularity was a major factor in the development of the Ijesha-Ekiti alliance against Ibadan which became known as the Ekitiparapo.

Jalumi War

Kirkji, the scramble for Africa by the colonial powers was well under way, and there were fears of French interference. Even, the contractors are already on ground.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Despite this, the flow of supplies was not completely free. Ooni to host African international art, kriiji festival in America. This was a direct threat to trade with Lagos, but the French refused to ratify the treaty.

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The Ijesas contacted their Ifa oracle severally and it reveled on each occasions that it was only Ogedengbe wad could conquer the Ibadans. Are their languages mutually intelligible? This proved impossible to carry out. Ilorin itself fell the next year.


OGUN KÍRÌJÍ, THE KIRIJI WAR () | Odediranyinka’s blog

The war was unpopular with Ijebu traders, and the Awujale King of the Ijebus was forced into exile in The result was the Ijebu expedition of Ayandele, He had to enroll into the Ibadan upper Army Unit meant for outstanding soldiers. I personally would like to know more about the military hardwares used, the war codes, the location and flashpoints of the war, the allies and enemies, heroes and villains and names of obliterated cities.

You may check out for books written by Prof Kkiriji J. With time, the Ekiti Parapo gained advantage over Ibadan; which resulted from the help they received from Ekiti Kirijo merchants, the most important factor was the supply of breech-loading rifles, much more accurate than the arms being used by the rest of the Yoruba. He was even invited to Benin Kingdom and honored by the Oba of Benin for his efforts in regaining the lost glory of Oduduwa.

No more fighting; 2.

In the early days of the Lagos colony, a large number of senior officials in Lagos life had been of Yoruba Saro extraction Cole, Efforts were made attempting to terminate his life but all in failures.

This proved impossible to carry out.

Faragbota Tree Among the historical sites and relics is the Faragbota Tree. Such a legendary place that ought to have been acquired by government and developed as waf centres and as a means of revenue generation has been left undeveloped over the years. The merchants supported it at this stage, but the missions were still pro-Egba.

Latoosa: The Kakanfo that triggered Kiriji War – Vanguard News Nigeria

It appears you already searched in google and elsewhere online and did not find wwar info. The myth of religion, tradition and culture Oodutor October 26, When the Ibadans could no longer cope kirihi started to hammer a slogan as thus: A ceasefire was arranged in through the efforts of Samuel Johnson, the historian, and Charles Phillips, later the Bishop of Ondo.


Later, they the Kirihi and Ijesa formed a confederation known as Ekiti Parapo and declared their independence from Ibadan. Through-out his expansionist battles, he did not touch any of the beaded Obas of Oduduwa. Subscribe to our email newsletter.

There had long been friction between the Ife and the Oyo settlers at Modakeke. Attempts at mediation had started as early as It is on record that the remote cause of this war was the collapse of the Oyo empire, while the immediate cause was the domineering stance of the Ibadan military output on Yoruba towns and cities.

The two world religions are now equally kiriui, but their distribution had profound implications for the relative levels of educational and economic development of the various Yoruba subgroups. The Ondo route had been opened up by the British because of the frequent closure of the other roads. He was a popular ruler; never afraid of war.

Lady Falupo amongst other sixteen 16 pregnant women was identified to bear the child.