PDF | Seminar Presentation. Analysis of the views of Pakistan and India on Kishanganga Dam based on Indus Waters Treaty. The construction and official inauguration of Kishanganga dam is a violation of Indus Pakistan cries foul over India’s bid to inaugurate Kishenganga dam. Background. India began construction of the US$ million Kishanganga hydroelectric project (KHEP) in The Kishanganga, as the river.

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The Kishanganga project was started in but on May 17,Pakistan moved for international arbitration against India under the provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty.

Map all coordinates using: The international court, however, decided that India shall release a minimum flow of nine cubic metres per second into the Kishanganga river known as Neelam in Pakistan at all times to maintain environmental flows.

Now it’s the moment to awake and Pak must build Dams, Artificial Lakes without loss of time. Retrieved 2 November In local population of Bandipora protested against HCC executing the MW Kishenganga hydroelectric project in the area accused the company kishannganga causing severe damage to natural environment [15] [16] and causing perilous pollution in the area.

This dam will only better the lives of Kashmiris. Comments 55 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. On May 25, Pakistan had warned that kishnaganga issues with India can lead to a dangerous situation and that Islamabad wants a peaceful resolution of such problems as per the spirit of the Indus Waters Treaty IWT.

The political party landscape remains wracked with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures. It’s adm to benefit Kashmiris.


Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant

The dam is equipped with lower kishangajga orifice spillway to transfer flood water as well as the silt to the down stream jishanganga not to affect power generation reliability and the operating life. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Beyond that time there is no binding on any country. A breach in the dam will likely flood PoK villages downstream. Treaties give benefit to both parties. Home Explained In Kishanganga dam security, more than Pakistan shelling, sabotage a concern.

Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. December 31, Economic direction?

So it will elapsed one day. Pakistan must own the FATF project.

Read Post a comment. The people who live in the villages near the dam site are also thought of as another layer of security.

It’s allowing too much to run off its hands. The augmented water in to the Kishanganga dam reservoir is also diverted to the Jhelum river to generate additional power by the MW power plant.

The project will generate 1, million units of electricity per year. Anyway Pakistan is blaming us, even after India kishananga abiding by it’s commitment.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant – Wikipedia

NASH “India has the right to look after its interests. There is no dispute and Pakistan is trying to create one Retrieved 20 June Swetha Under stand economics, it’s the investment which brings revenue’s and foreign exchange.

Power stations and organizations of Jammu and Kashmir. Published in Dawn, May 20th, As the draw down flushing to remove the sediment from the reservoir is not permitted, initially the sediment accumulation in reservoir would be at faster pace.


As for the other parts of the project, the tunnel is bored deep in the mountains, and transports the water of the Kishanganga to an underground power station in Bandipora in the Kashmir Valley. India has refuted these claims and has maintained that the differences are due to the design of the dam and hence the matter should be addressed to a “neutral expert”, the report said. We have sent you a verification email. China does not go around asking the world who has control over Brahmaputra which flows through Tibet, India and Bangladesh.

Officials say that these portions of the dam are inaccessible, and would be difficult if not outright impossible to target. If India stops water then others are also allowed to do so. There is absolutely nothing in it for you to be upset.

In Kishanganga dam security, more than Pakistan shelling, sabotage a concern

There is nearly 50 square kilometers river catchment area below the Kishanganga dam before the river enters in to Pakistan. What is benefit to India to be part of kisuanganga Electricity sector in India States of India by installed power capacity Indian states ranking by households having electricity Hydroelectric power in India.