The legal relationships between supplier and kmb Metalltechnik GmbH resp. Schausberger KFZ-Teile GmbH depend on the following conditions. Additions as . So beschreibt die KMB-Richtlinie die entsprechenden Vorarbeiten beim Erstellen zwischen der Rohrdurchführung, dem Rohrflansch und der Remmers KMB. [] Richtlinie für die Planung und Ausführung von Abdichtungen mit kunststoffmodifi- zierten Bitumendickbeschichtungen (KMB) – erdberührter Bauteile, 3.

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Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction a. Compensation for damages a.

The last sentence applies only in transactions with merchants. This is also valid for partial deliveries or in the case that kmb Metalltechnik GmbH has took over other services, e. Obviously obvious defects, specifying the defect, be notified within 3 days of delivery.

Any divergences between the confirmation of the order, the contents of the letter of confirmation shall prevailunless the customer objects to the deviation in writing immediately. Damit du beim Spielen immer alles im Griff hast, solltest du eine Sache niemals vergessen: Moreover, the assertion of warranty claims is excluded.

So eine Slot Machine kann auf den ersten Blick auch mal verwirrend wirken. To withhold payments or to set off any counterclaims of the purchaser is not entitledeventhough they are undisputed or judged declaratory.

General conditions of purchase

Delivery Time Agreed delivery dates are binding — any delays are to be announced in time. Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. In case of repair or replacement kmb Metalltechnik GmbH pays the costs for delivery and shipment of the repaired or replacement delivered item.


If delivery still be delayed, the purchaser may grant an extensionand withdraw after 2 weeks from the contract. The Purchaser is, unless he can set a different period of commitment, bound to its order at least 8 working days.

EFQM: Doppelte internationale Auszeichnung für VAMED-KMB

Additions as well as deviating conditions require the writing form. Richtlnie Terms and Conditions are valid since If the buyer is not a consumer, the seller has the option to repair, replacement or credit.

Cookies helfen uns dabei, dein Online-Erlebnis auf GameTwist zu verbessern. Dich erwarten Erlebnisse, die du garantiert nicht so schnell vergessen wirst.

Outer characteristics — in particular with regard to obvious transport damages. Claims for damages due to delay or non-performance not exist.

Terms and conditions – kmb-technik

If the subject property from which legal or factual reason whatsoever under or it is damaged, the customer already now assigns his claims arising therefrom to third parties to kmb Metalltechnik GmbH. In addition, all information necessary for the clear identification of the goods have to be indicated on the papers. Other than the general conditions do not apply, not even then if not explicitly contradicted. In case of delivery delays we have the legal claims — in particular on replacement of loss or damage resulting of the delay.

Changes in accounts require writing form separated from invoice. Unless otherwise agreed, kmb assume no additional costs for packaging and transport insurance. The purchaser is entitled to process, transform, combine, and assembly with other items only in the ordinary course of business extended reservation of title. Further inspections have to be agreed separately per order, components, etc.


Otherwise it is the day, when the purchaser receives the notification of the dispatch of the goods. Notice of Defect A supplier covenants through the rules of customary quality management systems e.

Fixed prices require written agreement. Return and refund a. If for payment a time by calender is determined, the purchaser is in default without warning if he does not perform at the particular time. The purchaser is obliged to examine the delivery immediately.

KMB KMB Slipper Sorry KMB KMB rosa OzYxqw at

For any defects, which are not immediately identifiable through above listed inspection, the right of notice of defects is reserved until full handling or processing by the purchaser.

The commodity remains until the complete payment of all the requirements property of kmb Metalltechnik GmbH. Cost increases or decreases as well as moving in regard of delivery date are to be arranged reasonable mutual. A reference to order resp.