Insurance Company, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd. Plan Name, Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan. Plan Nature, TRADITIONAL. Plan Category. I have taken Kotak Capital Multiplier plan (UINNO11V01) with two riders ( accident death benefit & permanent disability benefit). Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan UIN: NV01, Form No: N, KTB- CV02, The product brochure gives only the salient features of the plan. Please.

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This facility is available after 3 completed policy years. You stop paying the premium — The policy will lapse if the premium stops.

Kotak Life Insurance Capital Multiplier Plan Brochure – Docs

This feature is to ensure that the long term nature of this plan does not come in the way multillier your needing financial support in case of medical emergencies. Death Benefit — If the Life Insured dies. However, it can be revived within 2 years from the date of first unpaid premium. Maturity or death claim proceeds under Section 10 10D. Company Information About Us. If you are planning for your retirement and require a plan that allows you to withdraw any amount as per your need and at the same time invests your money prudently to get you bonuses on the balance in your account.

If you do not see any immediate utilization of your maturity proceeds, you could let it stay invested with us for a maximum of 15 years after the maturity of the plan and it could function like a fixed deposit offering returns and liquidity to withdraw all your funds. The value of the bonus will be included in cash value. The premiums are deposited in the Accumulation Account, after deduction of charges. Multipliwr criteria of Entry age — Min.

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Rider Benefits You can choose from any of the following riders: In this post given all information is very informative and useful. Death Benefit During the build-up phase In the event of unfortunate death, your beneficiary would get the higher of basic sum assured less premiums due but not paid or Accumulation Account. Select City Mumbai, Maharashtra. Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly. You can choose from any of the following riders: Iife insurance is very important. If you think that from time to time you will have extra cash, which you would like to invest in an instrument which is safe and which will get you attractive returns.


Have you ever wished for an dapital plan that offers bonuses every year, along with the facility to increase your investment and to withdraw your money, as and when you want to, over a year period post-maturity.

On Policy Maturity, i. Death benefit for the premium payment term and beyond In the event of death during the premium payment term build up phasethe multiplie would get the multiplirr of basic sum assured or the total amount built up in the accumulation account. Regular Premium in Rs. Choice to opt for early maturity in case of ill health In this plan, you can even opt for an early maturity citing ill health. Maturity Benefit — On maturity, higher of the Basic Sum Assured or the Accumulation Account can be withdrawn along with the balance in the Supplementary Accumulation Account within the entire period of 15 years.

On completion of the Accumulation Phase, there is a period called Withdrawal Phase, which is 15 years or till age 75 years where you may choose to withdraw the money as and when you require while the remaining can be continued to be invested.

Download its brochure here. Connect with Us Contact Us Feedback.

Get stock markets trading ideas and strategies. In case you have any surplus funds you may invest them at anytime in the policy. Post your rental queries in the city specific forum. The Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan is a multi-purpose savings and investment plan that offers you returns in the form of bonuses on your premiums and has a flexible withdrawal option which gives multipllier the power to decide the time and amount of withdrawals.


Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan: These riders fortify your overall protection and ensure that you have peace of mind. Riders — There are 6 additional riders available with this policy: Premium Payment Term in years.

Thus, it is a non-linked Insurance Plan with Bonus facility.

My Policies Log Out. A Supplementary Accumulation Account is created to hold these lump sums. The company may choose to declare more returns if there is multipliier investment surplus. This facility of lump sum injections allows you to augment your savings in the build-up phase, in addition to the regular premiums.

Kotak Life Insurance Capital Multiplier Plan

Thus, ensuring that you have accumulated enough to sustain yourself at phases like retirement. This plan is ideal for you…. There is also a feature of Lumpsum Injections where additional surplus fund can be paid to create Supplementary Accumulation Account. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

This is a participating plan and you are entitled to the higher of the basic sum assured or the Accumulation Account on maturity along with the balance in the Supplementary Accumulation Account. During the build-up phase In the event of unfortunate death, your beneficiary would get the higher multuplier basic sum assured less premiums mjltiplier but mjltiplier paid or Accumulation Account.

The Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan is the only plan of its kind that allows you to enjoy returns even beyond maturity.