In our Resources page, you will also find a list of different kubotan techniques DVDs, manuals and videos that can aid your in learing to use the. There are few manuals which are really good and effective. Some of them are already quite old like the official kubotan techniques manual. Official Kubotan Techniques [Takayuki Kubota] on *FREE* shipping on This manual shows you step by step how to use the kubotan. Studied by.

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The book also provides a variety of basic techniques. Tactical Tools Daily Deals.

Kubotan for Self-Defense: Contemporary Fighting Arts

Learn to use the powerful self-defense keychain and, whether you actually have it on you or not The choice, though, as always This is especially helpful for those who, due to legal restrictions, especially in post America, cannot carry or possess this powerful self-defense weapon. There are few manuals which are really good and effective.

One Year Unconditional Guarantee! The book also provides good advice on practicing drills. This is the same life empowering information the Shidoshi teaches in his live courses with this powerful weapon for many times the cost of this book.

There is much more to this versatile self defense instrument. CopyrightContemporary Fighting Arts.

Kubotan for Self Defense Purposes

Since kubotans are used as everyday key chainsthe key portion can be used a flailing weapon to swipe across an attacker’s face. The Kubotan Techniques Most untrained people assume the kubotan is simply used to strike an attacker in a vital target areabut in reality it performs many other functions and applications in self defense. As I mentioned earlier in this article, these are but a few important kubotan concepts and principles that must be incorporated into your self defense training.


Actually, it’s a worthless move that will simply enrage your attacker and most likely provoke greater violence.

While every expert knows that there really is no such thing as a “best weapon,” this new Kubotan Book by Shidoshi Miller will show you that, when it comes to self-defense – having a weapon appropriate for the situation you’re in is the manuzl yes, pun intended! The instructor shows also how manuwl drill the basic kubotan strikes all by yourself and do your kubotan training at home on a simple door frame. Mostly there is a companion DVD for every available manual, one is the official kubotan techniques DVD and others that we will talk about in other posts, but again in our estimation Kubotan Self Defense DVD for Sammy franco comes first.

As a matter of fact, when a knockout pressure point is struck with a kubotan, immediate loss of consciousness can occur. For example, if your objective is to attack the assailant’s eyes, you will yield much better results if you strike him directly kugotan the eye with the point.

The price of doing business in the streets. We think that DVDs comes second when it comes to learning techniques after instructor based classes.

Your free hand is up while your hand holding the kubotan is down by your hips, concealed behind your forearm. There are multiple resources and ways a person can use to start learning basic and simple kubotan techniques for self defense. In this post we will be compiling a list of resource to aid you in your kubotan training without or without a partner.


They are also a great way to expand your knowledge and techniques about the subject. However, we know that a partner is not always available for such a realistic training. Next post Plastic Kubotans: We will also be compiling a complete play list in our media library. Because we know that this book will give you something that you don’t have right now.

You get a special link to another online book, written by the creator of a system designed especially for police officers – a book containing literally dozens of additional techniques to those already presented Most untrained people assume the kubotan is simply used to strike an attacker in a vital target areabut in reality it performs many other functions and applications in self defense.

This Kubotan Book will teach you the basics of the Self-Defense Keychain!

Remember, if you live in the United States laws will vary from state to state. There are a variety of hand grips that you should be familiar with and they include:. Kubotan low concealment – this concealment position is used when both you and your adversary are in the neutral zone from one another.

Best of all, it’s very inexpensive and can be purchased easily. Tactical Tools Daily Deals. Kubotan Self Defense Learn how to use Kubotan for self defense.