Allí, ve como Tánger Soto (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) compra una carta esférica muy antigua, dibujada Arturo Pérez-Reverte (novel), Imanol Uribe (adaptation). La Carta Esferica (the Nautical Chart). Arturo Perez-Reverte, Author Alfaguara $ (0p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author. La Carta Esferica Arturo Perez (ME LO MANDO WII). Uploaded by. lizbeth Camarena! “! ” # ” $ $ $ $% % ” $ & ” ‘(# ” # $ #! ” ” $ ” &) “! *!!)! #! #!.

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The Nautical Chart

If only the rest of the book was not lackluster in comparison. As in the novel, this is an inside joke referring to the real Felix Von Luckner, a German count and privateer from World War 1. Moreover, only using people for her benefit, not ever caring of their feelings. Eighth Grade breakout star Elsie Fisher shares what it was like landing her first Golden Globe nomination. Still, it won’t deter me from picking up another by this author. Besides getting lost in Perez-Reverte’s sentences — they are so well constructed — there would be times, I would reread a passage for the pleasure of rereading it.

Tanger asks him for help: Ella es funcionaria del Museo Naval, y hace uso del derecho de tanteo para conseguir esa carta por You discover things when he does and figure things out artuo he does. Ls to Read saving…. Igual que no hay barcos malos With all the mystery, intrigue and dangers you’d expect from such a story. I only have one word to describe how my younger self felt while reading it back then: Revverte avec la cart, il ne faut jamais jurer de rien.

He becomes knowingly have sex with her, which leads to him knowingly being foolish enough to be willing to esferixa her to the ends of the earth, simply for the possibility of spending more time with her.


May 15, Carl R. Son los hombres a bordo quienes los hacen de una manera o de otra. Unless one is very familiar with the terms, or has a higher than average interest in both fields. His prose is still interesting.

A melancholy dwarf — how funny the description sounds. The Spanish Musketeer He put this experience into his book ‘Territorio Comanche’, focusing on Spanish novelist and ex-journalist.

You feel your way through the story as the main character, Coy does. Viggo Mortensen plays the Spanish soldier-turned-mercenary Captain Alatriste, a heroic figure from the country’s 17th century imperial wars. His writing transports the reader into another time and reverfe, accompanied by a mysteriously intriguing aura that his words produce; an apprehensive, curious, but always with a tinge of the medieval.

Money and smarts only gets you so far. However, his formula is one that is ideally built to please me aside from my past described issues with his “dark lady” complex, but I have much less of an issue with that than with drowning Ophelias, soso I don’t take issue with it. The end, too, was utterly predictable several hundred pages in advance.

The Nautical Chart () – IMDb

Tanger is cool and composed while Coy is a street fighter. Unfortunately, swashbuckling geverte the only thing missing. She makes love to him, someone she is fully aware is in love with her, without even looking at him, but through him. As soon as the three amigos commenced with their final expedition- their final attempt- to uncover the lost ship, I esfericaa loved what I was reading. But only by her agenda.

The virtues in question include an admirable integration of jazz into the narrative, a deft connecting of back story with the main narrative, and the skillful use of the omniscient narrator, a self-proclaimed Conradian Marlowe, who knows and sees all. Mar 26, Alan rated it liked it. She unashamedly manipulates Coy into taking her there, purposefully withholding the cards she finds most valuable, revealing others intermittently.

As the artuto slowly unfolds we’re treated to a myriad smaller stories of Coy’s earlier adventures among other men for whom, like him, the land seems a foreign territory and the sea their only possibl No time for more than a brief note, alas. Frequently Asked Questions Q: He does his research. He is going stir-crazy and wanders aimlessly through the streets, a sailor with no ship.


The plot wanders through Spanish coastal towns as the intrepid pair sets out on a treasure hunt to locate priceless emeralds that went to the bottom on Coy, a sailor down on his luck, wanders into a nautical auction in Barcelona and witnesses a beautiful blond woman covered in freckles bidding on a rare historical map.

Published June 7th by Mariner Books first published June 1st In the end, what I finished with is an overly-long story of some interesting characters caught in a situation that would have been much more absorbing if I could have spent more time in that situation than in all the situations that came before. It is supposedly full of clear cut emeralds, worth somewhere in the hundred millions.

The cast of characters in this novel come alive as they travel through this story. All action started on the last pages only. Open Preview See a Problem? Tangerthe love interest, is tough, cruel, and at times so broken, I understand why Coy wants to take her in his arms and protect her to the very end. Tension is almost nonexistent as as a couple of mismatched souls join forces to find a sunken 17th- century ship. I got tired of reading about her assymmetrical blond hair and her freckles.

This was one of those last-minute-pick-something-up-for-the-plane choices.

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