The Title: The actual name of this ritual is “Liber Resh vel Helios” or Book Resh of the Sun. Helios was the Greek personification of the Sun and. Liber Resh vel Helios (aka Liber CC or Liber ), as written by Aleister Crowley, briefly instructs a participant to verbally and physically “greet” the sun four. Liber Resh vel Helios sub figurâ CC Publication in class D. 0. These are the adorations to be performed by aspirants to the A∴ A∴. 1. Let him.

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And let him say in a loud voice: The Sign of Silence. Also at Noon, let him greet the Sun, facing South, giving the sign of his grade. Thus shalt thou ever be mindful of the Great Work which thou hast undertaken to perform, and thus shalt thou be strengthened to pursue it unto the attainment of the Stone of the Wise, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

A Pagan Sun Salutation: Liber Resh

The Romans certainly borrowed much of their culture from the Greeks. The priests of Heliopolis assserted that Kephra arose on the primeval mound of the Benu Bird, which later became the Phoenix in the writings of the greek historian Herodotus. The paraphrasings of the hieroglyphics on this stele are found in the Book of the Law and are the basis of Liber Resh. She is an aspect of Isis as the Great Mother and relates to Nuit. Omit first stanza and repeat last 4 stanzas.

The triangle should be formed at the level of the heart. He is, as M. Khepera was specifically the god of the rising sun. Origin of the ritual: Raise your head to look the direction of your raised right hand. Right upper arm due left and forearm vertical with fingers closed and pointing upward. Hathor is symbolic of the heavens or the milky way, and is often attributed to Venus.

Right foot toe down behind the figure to the left. Until then, their gods were all forms of animals.


Lighten the ways of the Ka! Also, at Sunset, let him greet the Sun, facing West, giving the sign of his grade. Shu, dwelling directly on the horizon as he does, is also linked to the underworld as the leader of a band of torturers and executioners. And let him say in libet loud voice: Further links can be seen here with the grade sign given in relation to this quarter of the sun.

A Pagan Sun Salutation: Liber Resh

But when it comes to gleaning all the real gems, this seemingly so-simple a ritual contains…. Resh is a Hebrew letter with the value of making this Liber The papyrus of Ani mentions Ahathoor with this sentence: The Sign of Fire: Put your left arm straight back, at about a 30 degree lkber, so that both arms form a straight line.

The lava eats the available dung until it reh into a pupa before emerging from the ball as an adult beetle. Appear on the throne of Ra!

Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Morning! The attitude to be taken while facing east should be something similar to that expressed in Chapter 15 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead; ‘I have come unto you and I am with you in order to see your disk everyday; I will not be restrained or repulsed, but my flesh will be renewed at seeing your beauty The Sign of Water: And from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, ‘As for that Cat, he is Re himself, who was called “Cat” when Sia spoke about him; he was cat-like in what he did, and that is how his name of “Cat” came into being’ Ahathoor’s domain is said to stretch to the Mountains of Manu the Western Mountains where she meets Tum.

Thank you all for any replies. February 14, at 1: Draconuit — will you please stop replying to yourself? The reason he picked the specific godnames he did almost certainly has to do with the ideas he wanted to represent. This shows the influence of Mars upon the rising sun; Horus was seen as a warrior-god and also a personification of the Sun.


Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Post. The four adorations of Liber Resh are a means of invoking, uniting with, and identifying with the Sun God in his four primary forms. Show thy star-splendour, O Nuit!

As I told you yesterday, the first essential is the dedication of all that one is and all that one has to the Great Work, without reservation of any sort. February 13, at 6: In his daily course he vanquished night and darkness, and mist and cloud disappeared from before his rays; subsequently the Egyptians invented the moral conception of the sun, representing the victory of right over wrong and of truth over falsehood. This position implies equilibration of the 4 elements along with the 4 quarters of the sun Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Midnight and the 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Let your thumbs meet and the tips of your fingertips touch.

Liber Resh vel Heliosby Aleister Crowleycomprises four daily adorations to the Sunto be performed at dawn, noon, sunset, and midnight. Until present studies are confirmed or reach a consensus opinion, dictionaries will continue to print the old opinions, in much the same way that the science textbooks you used at school were hopelessly out of heliks too.

His name comes from the Egyptian word, kheprer or helioa become’. Disclaimers]] Not logged in Log in Help. However, you can logically deduce the sequence of the gods by their attributes.

Liber CC – Resh vel Helios

Also it is better if in these adorations thou assume the God-form of Whom thou adorest, as if thou didst unite with Him in the adoration of That which is beyond Him. Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Morning!

Originally an earth god, he became associated with Re, the sun god. Liber Resh From Thelemapedia Categories: