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Here he tries to restore its credentials to painting and the arts in general, reminding that they m A wonderful essay both plain and in his writing of a philosophical and very strong reflexive reach. I will just retain the “language of form and color.

When I look at the nihilism of Britart, or the sheer inability to draw and express beauty in enll seems to be coming out of some of our contemporary art schools the students tell me they are discouraged by their tutors from trying to express beauty! I read this as an spirjtuale. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul.

Even those who are nearest to him in sympathy do not understand him. Feb 07, Yana Milenkova rated it really liked it. And for Kandinsky such abstraction becomes a crusading obsession: He faults cubism as too intellectual and spiritually lacking, as opposed to inspired abstractions.

Here he tries to restore its credentials to painting and the arts in general, reminding that they must feed the mind of the viewer, and so in that sense they are absolutely not in vain and useless. Ultimately, “If the artist be priest of beauty”, then she has “a triple responsibility to the non-artist: The book omitted title and attribution though we can assume it is a work by Kandinsky in its pages.


Timothy rated it really liked it. A powerful, lucid manifesto by Kandinsky, the famous Russian Expressionist, calling for the artist to proceed inward to cultivate the abstract expressions of the inner spirit and away from material representation. This was worth reading.

Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte

And the bottom line? I was pleasantly surprised to discover that in addition to his obvious mastery as a painter, Kandinsky was also an accomplished and logical writer. The problem ll harmonizing the appeal of the material and the non-material shows us the answer to this question. Kandinsky’s ideas are presented in two parts. I didn’t quite know what to expect from this book, but I got more out of it than Sprituale had thought I would.

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Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte | The Charnel-House

Aug 29, Mel rated it liked it Shelves: Here Heaven and Earth are interfused in a single reality Christians can read Luke He understands “spirituality” as being the interiority of things, their inner source of meaning and life. I especially like this insight from the reviewer: It needs to reveal the spiritual, but not separate it off from kandinaky material world.

It causes disincarnation, which is another word for death, and so both the material and the spiritual wither. It continues to be a stimulating and necessary reading experience for every artist, art student, and art patron concerned with the direction of 20th-century painting.


And for this reason it is necessary for the artist to know the starting point for the exercise of his spirit. Kandinsky couldn’t do it and neither can you.

It was divided by place and time, taking me through his Russian, German, and Parisian period, during which he moved from representative art to complete abstraction. His spirituality is not an incarnational one, where the Spirit interpenetrates and quickens matter, but a dualistic one, where they can be separated or “abstracted”. Feb 02, Michael Franklin rated it liked it.

To open the mind and the heart, and give fresh hope to the world. The more an artist uses these abstracted forms, the deeper and more confidently will he advance into the kingdom of the abstract.

Quite successful in his profession—he was offered a professorship chair of Roman Law at the University of Dorpat—he started painti Wassily Kanxinsky Kandinsky was a Russian painter, and Art theorist.

But those who are blind, or those who retard the movement of the triangle for baser reasons, are fully understood by their fellows and acclaimed for their genius. It’s not that he’s lying.