Stream La declaración de Randolph Carter (H.P. Lovecraft) by from desktop or your mobile device. The Statement of Randolph Carter. by H. P. Lovecraft. Telling ghost stories in dark and lonely places is an honored tradition. As a rule such. A speck over a quarter-hour, the microfilm La Declaracion de Randolph Carter ( The Statement of Randolph Carter, ) is by metal-band performer & Lovecraft .

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Dreams of Terror and Death. They are strolling through a beautiful woodland. He who had so calmly left me a little while previously, now called lofecraft below in a shaky whisper more portentous than varter loudest shriek: Lovecraft is hard to get in to and while I love many of his stories, and ideas, I will admit that many can be painful to read and there’s quite a few “stinkers” that he has written. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, For God’s sake, put back the slab and beat it, Carter!

Avon Fantasy Reader/Issue 10/The Statement of Randolph Carter

This story fed lpvecraft hunger for horror drama. Randolph Carter is one of Lovecraft’s most commonly recurring characters. Aspinwall distant cousin Sir Randolph Carter.

At his nod I took one of the latter and seated myself upon an aged, discolored gravestone close lovecravt the newly uncovered aperture.


An unsettling and perfectly crafted short from the master of weird horror fiction. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Its short, but worth getting your imagination in the right gear while reading it.

The Statement of Randolph Carter

Remember don’t wake up anything you can’t stop And now for the first time my memory records verbal discourse, Warren addressing me at length in his mellow decaracion voice; a voice singularly unperturbed by our awesome surroundings.

He never came out. Kindle Edition66 pages. Sep 12, Amy Other Amy rated it liked it Shelves: What shall I say?

The Statement of Randolph Carter – Wikipedia

Warren has come into the possession of a book, written in an unknown language, that he forbids Carter from seeing. Randolph Carter is an antiquarian and one-time student of the fictional Miskatonic University.

Warren himself suggests that he sees himself as someone with “ironclad sensibilities”. It’s too utterly beyond thought—I dare not declsracion you—no man could know it and randoolph God!

It is the first story in which Carter appears and is part of Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. In the end, if you even remotely like horror or thrillers you must read Lovecraft and some of his stuff!

Around me were the tombs and the darkness and the shadows; below me, some peril beyond the radius of the human imagination. As darkness encroaches — and as Carter’s descriptions become more detailed and supported by facts — his flippant dismissal gradually gives way to fear. This section possibly contains original research. But do humans listen? I can still hear, in memory, those coolly spoken words; and I can still remember my remonstrances.


He used the word “gelatinous” which makes delaracion think of a phlegm infested throat and the hearing of those vibrations. But I do not fear him now, for I suspect that he has known horrors beyond my ken.

A melancholy figure, Carter is a quiet contemplative dreamer with a sensitive disposition, prone to fainting during times of emotional stress. Carter shares many of Lovecraft’s personal traits: Carter mentions that Warren has other “strange, rare books on forbidden subjects”, several of which are in Arabic.

His portrayal of the world and the plot is not crystal clear, as he has recently been disturbed by some big event in his life. Throughout the story, Randolph goes through a mental situation like those in many Lovecraftian works, but what makes this story shine is the way story is narrated. I read book 2 a while back.