Full text of “M – Machine Gun Manual – TM ” . MB/MG – Designed as a tripod mounted or bipod supported machine gun for use by. The M, officially the Machine Gun, Caliber mm, M, is the US military designation for .. (×51mm NATO); Maximum effective range: 1, meters with tripod and T&E (the latest FM reads 1, m); Maximum range: 3, meters . MB, MM MACHINE GUN. JANUARY . *This publication supersedes FM , 29 February and FM ,. 26 January.

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C Depress cover latches, lift upwards and remove cover assembly. Moves in a guide rail fixed to the right side of the receiver. As soon as possible after firing the MB, the gunner disassembles the weapon into its eight major assemblies and cleans them as follows.

Remove any ammunition if present. Clean gas port, inserts, and gas plug. Unscrew counterclockwise half the number of turns. He checks the traversing handwheel scale to ensure the “0” on the scale is aligned with the “0” index line before and after the two revolutions. The gunner may adjust the gas regulator to maintain the rate of fire until he has a chance to clean the machine gun.

Let bolt assembly return to forward position slowly. If the shot group is above the point of aim, rotate the sight post counterclockwise.

Inspect the tripping lever and sear for burrs on edges. This also allows the weapon to continue firing when very dirty from sustained use in combat conditions when it may be otherwise rendered inoperable due to an extremely dirty and dry action.

Care, Handling, and Preservation. The sear should not drop down far enough to lock in the downward position. Retrieved from “Archived copy”. This can usually be done without tools. If the gun does tn fire, pull charger cable or cocking handle assembly rearward to lock bolt assembly back return cocking handle assembly to forward locked positionplace safety on “S” safe, then: Replace or send to DS maintenance.

M240 machine gun

Rotate the front sight blade one or more half turns using the front sight adjustment tool. In almost all cases, the MB machine gun can be best used when fired from a tripod; the MB’s potential for continuous, accurate fire and control manipulation is maximized.


During chambering, as soon as the piston begins to move, the firing pin is withdrawn into the bolt block.

The MB is carried loaded with the bolt locked to the rear in all tactical situations where noise m240g is critical to the success of the mission. By moving the fire control group forward, the overall length can be shortened because the machine gunner no longer needs a traditionally longer stock to compensate for the original position of the pistol group, towards the very rear portion of the receiver.

Cover Assembly F – Feeds linked belt, positions and holds cartridges in position for stripping, feeding and chambering. The MP is not used as often as its predecessors.

Retrieved January 16, During the primary movement of the operating rod assembly, it moves independently of the bolt for a short distance. The case should be serviceable.

List of items that are part of the end item, but are shipped separately. Archived copy as title Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from August Commons category link from Wikidata.

At this point, the locking lever begins to swing toward the rear, carrying the bolt with it into its unlocked position, and clearing the barrel breech.

Each click of the traversing handwheel indicates a 1-mil change in direction of the gm It can also be fitted with spade grips for flexible use, like the ones from the MD. A spare barrel is issued with each MB, and barrels can be changed quickly as the weapon has a fixed head space.

FM Chapter 3 MB Machine Gun

The gunner ensures that the barrel is still locked to the receiver with the carrying handle to the right. Then he rotates the bipod legs rearward, depressing the bipod retaining latch, and engage the bipod leg hooks into the m2400b of the receiver.


All pins go from right to left Figure Push in on the cover latches to make sure the retaining clip is not weak or m240 and that they do not bind in the housing. The bipod is integrated into the receiver assembly of the weapon. Insert combination tool into bottom m40b cavity of piston end of operating rod. Place safety to “S” safe, keep weapon pointed down range, and remain away from the weapon for 1 5 minutes.

The MB is being tested with a new adjustable buttstock that may replace the current stock of the MB. Inspect the front sight for damage or looseness. When the safety is pushed to the right, the letter “S” is visible indicating the weapon is on safe.

Crew members can recognize and correct stoppages t they know how the weapon functions. It is similar to the MG, but lacks the integral bipod. If this is not the case, have your armorer repair it.

Check for broken m240n, and chipped or cracked trigger housing lug. Check for the following prior to making adjustments: Use the barrel or tripod mount to destroy the bolt and operating rod assembly, barrels, rear and front sights, and mounts.

Be gm to clear weapon before disassembling, cleaning, t, transporting, or storing. Align the mounting hole 5 in trigger housing with hole in fork assembly 4. Unlike the current M’s solution of minimizing the heat transfer, Barrett uses a free floating handguard system, where they bolted the handguard directly to the receiver of the machine gun, instead of to the gas tube assembly.

Over a prolonged period, the moving parts, to include plastic, will start to wear out and break. Burn the weapon by placing an incendiary grenade on the receiver group over the bolt with the cover resting on the grenade and detonating the grenade. Chipped or broken extractor. When the bolt and operating rod are pulled to the rear, the piston should move freely without binding.