The Mandrake: Niccolò Machiavelli: The Art of War and other writings: Castracani of Lucca () and The Mandrake (; La Mandragola). The former is a. An Audience With Machiavelli: The Mandrake Root & The Prince. By Niccolo Machiavelli and Rachel Hogan. Directed by Rachel Hogan. The Significance of Luecrezia in. Machiavelli’s La Mandragola. Susan Behtntak. Lorng. The “fall” of Lucrezia in Machiavelli’s play La Mandragola is a puzzlement .

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The playwright wields control over this form while writing a play.

The Mandrake by Niccolo Machiavelli

The production also combined the contemporary and classic eras. At first, he attempts to seduce her, and says he will mary her and make her his queen. Click here to sign up. All of the characters are like any common citizens of Florence, some elite, some not. Miles says the play really angered her.

Mandragolaan opera in Serbian by composer Ivan Jevticbook by Dejan Miladinovic and lyrics by Vesna Miladinovic after Machiavelli, was given its world premiere in Belgrade at the Madlenianum Theatre on 16 December A veneration and contempt for women are often closely allied, opposite sides of the same coin. For instance, Brother Timothy is seen as being funded by the money people give for saying the Mass of the Dead.

And then, also, I find it so funny. He helps Callimaco fool Nicia, even though the act of sleeping with his wife is adulterous. Titled Lucrezia, the minute work was commissioned by New York Festival of Song and premiered in with two pianos and a cast of five.

The Mandrake and its Representation of Machiavelli’s Philosophy | Ilsa Abdul Razzak –

Or could it best be seen instead as a strange sort of head-long romp through a crumbling world, written by an author who seems to laugh at every single thing that exists under the sun? I believe a worthwhile production of The Mandrake today will have to include feminist perspectives and audience interaction where the play stops at a few different points, and the audience is asked to judge what they see as right or wrong.


She then kills herself by stabbing herself in her breast with a knife. It is difficult for me to ascertain whether Machiavelli is saying that intending to rape is okay if the perpetrator is more attractive and a better lover than the victim would get otherwise. Both contemporary and modern scholars read the play as an overt critique of the House of Medici; however, Machiavelli set the action in during the period of the Florentine Republic in order to express his frustrations without fear of censure from patrons already ill-disposed towards him and his writing.

That plan is that Callimaco will pretend to be a doctor who can cure infertility with a magic potion using a mandrake root. The Florentine people ultimately submit to corruption along with church and state.

The Florentine Republic A lecherous young man makes the most of macchiavelli infinitely corrupt social system in order to have sex with a married woman — against her express wishes. Audiences loved them, popes and princes requested performances in their courts, and scholars and contemporaries praised his work.

Although the five-act comedy was published in and first performed in the carnival season ofMachiavelli likely wrote The Mandrake in as a distraction from his bitterness at having been excluded from the diplomatic and political life of Florence following the reversion to Medici rule.

Its representation of a Machiavellian world mandtake well as of politics will be looked at as well. The friar and Machiiavelli the schemer all receive handsome kickbacks for perpetuating the plan. A reluctant Lucrezia is eventually convinced by her mother and the priest to comply with her husband’s wishes.

It seems that it is desire that brings them all into action. The Mandrake and its Mschiavelli of Machiavelli’s Philosophy. Lucrezia is willing to fool her husband into giving Callimaco a key to have him as her lover. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Skip to main content. Hence, The Mandrake is not simply a comedy. The mandrake, or mandrake root, or mandragola, or man-dragon, is a poisonous hallucinogenic plant of the nightshade family.


This shows the play can be a satirical allegory for the audience. Lucretia submits to the rape, afraid of this disgrace.

The Mandrake

Callimaco follows his sexual desire for Lucrezia to arrive at Florence. The fact that everyone is driven by desire in the play makes the world a very material one, and in fact, a Machiavellian world. Despite the corruption and stupidity of all of the characters involved in the scheme, there is a strangely happy ending. He hires a cunning and connected man, Ligurio to help devise a scheme so that Callimaco can sleep with Lucrezia.

However, his learning does not allow him to escape being fooled by Callimaco and Ligurio. Produced by European Drama Network[14] it was made in English with limited Italian sections, and it remains close to the original story.

Views Read Edit View history. This shows that Machiavelli, through his play, is showing how important it is for the counselor to be cunning, and to have different motives from the leader.

The Mandrake – Wikipedia

When Romulus gave a signal, the Romans grabbed the Sabine women and fought off the Sabine men. Wallace Shawn ‘s translation, commissioned by Joseph Pappwas staged in at the Public Theater in Manhattan, and it launched Shawn’s stage acting career as well.

Supposedly, the root resembles a fetus and when pulled from earth, the plant cries. Pulitzer prize winning American composer William Bolcom adapted the story in operetta form with a libretto by Marc Campbell. Shortly after Rome was founded by Romulus in the BCs, the first generation of Roman men acquired wives from the neighboring town of Sabine families.