: Magebound (Volume 1) (): Katica Locke: Books. Magebound and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Magebound by Katica Locke. Lark, an abused slave, and Lord Sactaren, a powerful mage, discover magic, adventure and steamy, smoldering romance in this. Magebound by Katica Locke: Chapter One. By: Katica Locke. Teaser — Lark is a slave, now the property of the enigmatic Traxen Mage.

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Sep 12, C. It was very reminiscent of that famous scene in Lassie or was it Free Willy?

Spellwrought (Magebound, #2) by Katica Locke

I’m filthy, my feet black with mud, clothes dirty and torn and stinking of sweat. When that’s done, I like to walk away from the project for a while, so I can come back to it with fresh eyes. Good writing but this could have been tightened as it dragged it places and I skimmed from the halfway mark.

He growls and bats my hand away with a surprisingly heavy paw.

The guys were broken, especially our poor Lark here, he was broken beyond repair. It’s one of my pet peeves so I reduced 0. Joanne rated it really liked it Jul 07, I’m not sure these same words would be used in a made up fantasy world.

Katica Locke

The world building is intriguing but thin. Amgebound potion is sickly sweet, clinging to katcia inside of my mouth and making me want to gag. A few more years, and they would have killed you. I’m pretty good at judging what kind of master a man will be by the way he leads his slave.


Traxen is a long way from Greater Kormunae. What he’s like, exactly, depends a lot on you. I loved how the author made Naeven such a mystery.

Magebound Series

I think Lark may become a lot more. Lark is a slave, and has been for 13 years. On the other hand, the supporting cast was really one-dimensional, and the entire second half hinged on a misunderstanding plot — one of those things I liked the world Locke was working toward here; I liked the magic system a lot — “mage” generally leaves me expecting a lot of abstract, hand-waving-and-chanting sort of stuff, and this was much more about making physical things, which I like.

Except the author gets surprisingly realistic with the idea despite the fantasy elements. Same but different, some events were either omitted or added in these two books, like Rayne and Khas’ parts. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

Feb 03, Jordan Lombard rated it it was amazing Shelves: When Lockke Echarn, a young man with a terrible secret, accidentally steps off the train in Devaen, he is forced to put himself in the reluctant employ of Mahebound Darvis, a wealthy recluse whose tragic past is anything but secret.

But I believe the cold wife will make an appearance in book My sister, my parents, my memories, they are all I have that is mineand I can’t – I won’t share them with him.

My hopes rise; maybe he’s not so wealthy after all.

It turned out to be a lovely gem that I enjoyed greatly. I’m not sure any of the characters in this book should know who he is at all. Don’t tell me you don’t intend to finish what you started?? It clinks like money and several gold coins spill out.


His clothes are mostly leather, worn slick and shiny, and he’s got spurs and a rope, so I’m guessing a rancher, probably from a fair distance, since this isn’t exactly cattle country.

I pause and glance over my shoulder, a raw, flickering golden light playing across the inside of the stairwell above my head. The ingrained habits and belief of a slave are really difficult to change, even though Naeven gave his freedom freely and offered his heart and body to him, Lark didn’t know how to be free from this invisible chain, and the deep wounds inside and outside his body was also hindering him to hold and to be held, to love and to be loved.

Is now available on Amazon! If a simple slave can learn to be a man, why can’t an evil mage change his ways? A really well developed fantasy story. Dolittle, for instance, and just can’t see our mage saying “huh? The Big Hunt reviews A young merman struggles to bring down a leviathan in order to impress the girl he likes.