This sutta gathers various instructions the Buddha gave for the sake of his followers after his passing away, which makes it be a very important set of instructions. THUS HAVE I HEARD. Once the Lord was staying at Rajagaha on the mountain called Vultures’ Peak. Now just then King Ajatasattu Vedehiputta of Magadha. A historical analysis of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta of the. Digha Nikaya of the Pali Canon. by. Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Ph. D. The Mission Accomplished is .

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Then they asked the Venerable Ananda: Buddhaghosa tells this story: Mere devotional practices such as offering flowers, incense, and other gifts to shrines, or offering alms to monks and nuns, are not the highest homage. That is the third stage. Look for refuge in no one besides yourselves.

An Exposition of the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta

Even Ajahn Chah accepted money when he was a young monk. Now is not the time to beg the Realized One. When four years have passed, if the mendicants are satisfied, let them give me the going forth, the ordination into monkhood.

And a second time And two farmers who were brothers were suta, as well as four oxen. This, of course, accords with DA.

Mahaparinibbana Sutta

Here, take the embers. The wheel that he rolls over many nations is not that of a war-chariot, but the wheel of righteousness and truth.

And as mahaparinibbaha sat there, the Lord thanked them with these verses: Later, at the first Buddhist Council, he would be asked to confess an offence of wrong-doing due to this. Then he went to the Buddha, bowed, and sat down to one side. Then the Venerable Anuruddha said: When he was thus seated, the Blessed One instructed, roused, sutra, and gladdened him with religious discourse.


Then the earth shakes and rocks and trembles. The four foundations of mindfulness, the four right efforts, the four roads to power, the five spiritual faculties, the five mental powers the seven factors of enlightenment, the Noble Eightfold Path.

Guard your minds well! After the Buddha had commenced the rainy season residence, he fell severely ill, struck by mzhaparinibbana pains, close to death. Whatever Subhadda may ask of me, he will ask from a desire for knowledge, and not to annoy me.

The Venerable Cundaka sat in front of the Blessed One. Emerging from the fourth absorption he entered the infinity of space.

Emerging from the infinity sjtta space he entered into the fourth absorption. In this doctrine and discipline, Subhadda, is found the Noble Eightfold Path; in it alone is found the true recluse of the first, second, third, and fourth grade. And when the night had passed Cunda had a variety of delicious foods prepared in his own home, and plenty of pork on the turn.

And on the seventh day the Mallas of Kusinara thought: Whoever has developed the four roads to power Then the Venerable Ananda said to the Venerable Anuruddha: Three months from now the Tathagata will take final Nibbana. There are two meal offerings that have identical fruit and result, and are more fruitful and beneficial than other meal offerings. We should change our behaviour, speech, thought, and view accordingly, having inferred the right conclusion.


It concludes by identifying the King as a previous existence of the Buddha when he was a Bodhisatta, and the Buddha concludes by emphasising the impermanence of all conditioned things with the verse that is always recited at Buddhist funerals: Later, he attained to Arahantship, just before the First Buddhist Council.

At this the wanderer Subhadda said: This punishment of Brahma is therefore a kind of ostracism imposed on Channa, who later reformed himself, and thus the penalty was later revoked.

PTS translators of the parallel passages have differed in their interpretations.

Then she said to the Surta Right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration, right thought, and right view are essential, otherwise, one will not be able to practise right speech, right action, and right livelihood. If the food is not formally offered in this way, it is not allowable for bhikkhus to eat it.

Even the last of these five hundred mendicants is a stream-enterer, not liable to be reborn in the underworld, bound for awakening. Then they went to the guest house, where they spread carpets all over, prepared seats, set up a water jar, and placed a lamp.

Have I not mahaparinibbanx told you that all things that are pleasant and delightful are changeable, subject to separation and becoming other?