Consult DENTSPLY MAILLEFER’s entire Product Catalogue catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ Advancing the treatment of dental disease is more than DENTSPLY Maillefer’s great legacy – it’s our ongoing promise. That’s why, throughout this catalog, you. Product Catalogue .. You may order DENTSPLY/MAILLEFER instruments in two ways: 1. by DENTSPLY/MAILLEFER reference numbers, REF 2. by ISO.

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You can also order the refill of the posts by pieces per reference.

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Open the catalog to page 2. No risk for cross contamination No matter how well an instrument is sterilized, research shows that certain bacteria and tissue remnants may remain on the instrument. Precision drilling Inserting the plastic burn-out post Prepare the canal to its final size using the blunt tipped special calibrating drill.

Excavating carious dentine Widening and finishing cavity access Location of the root orifices Characteristics: Open the catalog to page 4.


It is considered the world leader in the design Open the catalog to page 2. However, if a K-File 10 is Put the power of quality on your side with Maillefer. These inspections are in addition to 6 examinations, which take place during production.

After the cutting edges of the active part have been ground by a precision tool impregnated catalohue fine grained diamond, each bur individually undergoes a strength test. Traditionally, this part of the procedure wasperformed catalohue manual files. Non-cutting extremity Enlargement of the access cavity with preservation of the original pulp floor anatomy no risk of perforation — easy location of the canal orifices Conical shape Quick elimination of all interferences to give direct access to the instruments in the root canal Helical tooth pattern 6 blades Adapted to all teeth anatomies Gold plated shank Easy identification Helical Together, we provide a product with tremendous value and excellent quality.

Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Glyde” P. The ideal bur to produce a funnel-shaped opening of the pulp cavity to give access to the root orifices. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Cavity Access Set” P.

Before taking the impression Trying in the post before luting If several posts are to be used in a single tooth, check that their heads cannot interfere with each other during insertion.


Open the catalog to page 3. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Obturation Solution” P. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 9.

CARBIDE BURS – DENTSPLY MAILLEFER – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Fax Toll-free in the U. Photos of our instruments are not contractual Dentsply Maillefer. A set of rotary Dense fills begin with trusted obturation products from Maillefer. Excessive pressure may jam the bur or be the cause of a sudden change of speed.

One should avoid sudden changes of the speed as well as any jamming of the bur. TM The complexity of endodontic procedures may discourage many practitioners from performing this type of treatment.

All DENTSPLY MAILLEFER catalogs and technical brochures

P h a s e4Aseptic treatmentDisinfect the obturator in a solution of sodium hypochlorite for at least one minute,then dry in air. Therefore, any re-use of these instruments increases the potential for cross-infection datalogue the next patient.

Open the catalog to page 6. Finishing work on composite fillings. Disassembling- Disassemble the device, if required. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Active laterally and at the end Small dimensions Smooth shaft Applications: